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Moto Morini factory sites Comment
  Moto Morini factory site. Order your bike directly from the factory
  Moto Morini owners sites  
  Unknown (CH) collection of pictures on the 3½ Sport
  Andi Hofmann (D) Impressive!! Many, many excellent links. Certainly worth a visit
  Baumi (D) Moto Morini Dart 400
  Daroz Moriniman (D) Moto Morini Dart
  Sebastian Helbing (D) excellent link section
  Uli Krug & Volker Hofmann (D) nice gallery of 2 identical 350s
  Olaf (D) "Moriniman"
  Achim Stollberg (D) Ital Web and the site of "La Strega" (German Morini magazine) have joined. Have a look at the Specials, (or "Umbauten" in German) on Ital-web
  Marc's site (D) photo's, also well illustrated Morini timing belt replacement & Morini valve adjustment
  Volker Sachse (D) "Italo Classic Bikes"
  Matthias Sündehütte (D) pictures of an AMEX 250 v-twin
  George & Monica (D)
  Adrian (GB) Morini Kanguro rebuild, getting a 1984 Kanguro back on the road
  Paul Compton (GB) carburettor settings of many Moto Morini v-twin models
  Timo Geusch (GB) Corsaro Super Sport
  Timo Geusch (GB) 'Morini Survival Guide'
  Andrew Wegg (GB) 3½ Sport
  Dino (It) 100.000 km on a 125cc Morini! Even trip to Nordkapp on the 125cc single
  Gianluigi Calandriello (It) Corsarino site
  Massimo (It) a "chopped" Morini Excalibur
  Jan van Dehn (NL) Weblog, incl. pictures of the restauration of his Morini
  Hans Smid (NL) Moto Morini & other beautiful classic bikes
  Eric Bergman (USA) racers, exhausts
  Craig Howell (USA)  
  Eric Major (USA) Good reference site
  Scrambler Cycle (USA) Page on a Moto Morini 500, incl. documentation
  Search for Giuseppe (film)(USA) intention was to use a Moto Morini for the European m/c tour
  Moto Morini clubs  
  International Moto Morini mailing list Get in touch with many Moto Morini owners. Subscribe through the link. The process is quite simple, but if you have any problems, contact Dan Kelo at ewordpainter - AT -
  Morini Club of Australia (Aus) many Australian Moto Morini links and Morini register from "down under"
  Australian Morini forum (Aus) hosted by the Australian Moto Guzzi Club !
  La Strega & Ital-web (D) this is the site of the German Moto Morini magazine
"La Strega", combined with the "Ital-web" pages
  Morini Stammtisch Kurpfalz (D) German site by Frank Dziersk
  Moto Morini Club Denmark (Den) Site by Søren Høyer Hansen
  Moto Morini Club France (F) A very well dedicated Club in France
  Morini Riders Club (GB) their new website ! Worth a visit !
  Moto Morini Club Italia (It) by Gianni Losi
  Moto Morini Club of Rome (It) new website of the Moto Morini Club of Rome
  Moto Morini technical sites  
  Marcus Heilig (D) new pickup's for the 250/350/500 v-twins
  Staufenbiel-Berlin (D) treasure trove for all kinds of electric and rubber parts
  Vehicle wiring products (GB) all those -sometimes difficult to obtain- electric parts, like connectors, cables, terminals, crimp tools, switches, fuse boxes etc. on-line available
  Paul Goffs wiring products (GB) bike and bulbs website, also specialists in parts and upgrades for Classic bikes
  Dellorto VHB carburettors partslist and parts (GB) partslist for Dellorto VHB carburettors as used on Morini V-twin models
  Greg Bender (US) Dellorto carburettors, very useful information
  Socità Generale Ricambi (It) airfilters and other parts for Moto Morini
  Mario Iovine (It) Explains the Moto Morini oem ignition on the 350/500cc models (use Google translate for a version in your language)
  Nuovaray (It) Sells brandnew transducers, pickup's, regulators for the 250-350-500cc models. A little hidden on their site, but have a look at their "vintage catalogue". The URL of this vintage catalogue has been changed frequently. If the link does not work, go to, choose the English page and use the menu to go to 'products', 'automotive motorcycle parts', 'vintage'
  Rick Donkers (NL) specialist in car/motorcycle electric parts, wires, tools, switches
  George Bouret (NL) repair of Veglia tachos and speedometers
  Jan de Laat (NL) ignition coil rewind
  Moto Morini dealers  
  Dealers (Int) a list of international dealers
  AMEX Motorradsport (D) AMEX was the German importer of the 125/250/350/500 range. Still many parts
  Ducati Development Dortmund (D) big bore kits, tuning parts
  Heim (D) sells new+second-hand Morini parts and also repair on cylinderheads
  Dieter Hoffmann (D)
  Moto Stefano (D)  
  Rainer Bollgrün (D) second hand Morinis for sale (D) Liebrandt brothers have taken over Tritsch' Moto Morini spare parts.
You can contact them at: address: Oberklingensporn 1, D 95119 Naila and telephone: +49 (0)170-8200101, e-mail: info AT
  Wolfgang Tritsch (D) Attention: Tritsch has retired, spare part sales taken over by (Karlheinz and Thomas Liebrandt), see under
  Madsens Garage (Den) new bikes and used ones (Darts!)
  Mdina Italia Mdina Italia have taken over NLM's spare part section
  NLM (GB) Attention: NLM management has retired, spare part sales taken over by Mdina Italia
  Ciabini (It) Parts for the older singles, like 125cc and 175cc models
  Amici del Corsarino (It) Moto Morini Corsarino & Corsaro bikes (in fantastic condition) & parts
  All Italian Motors, Floresstraat 7,
5013 BZ Tilburg (No webpage) (NL)
Moto Morini and other Italian bikes, maintenance, parts.
Only open on Saturday, tel. +31(0)13-5427184
  Verstegen Motors (NL) former Dutch Morini importer of 350-500cc models, still many parts
  Eurospares (USA) excellent photo section
  Herdan (USA) see Hermy, the owner of Hedan Co. the American Morini (125-500cc models) importer
  Moto Morini bikes for sale  
  Kapaza (B) Site for 2nd hand goods, but also Morini's and other classics
  Italo Motos (D) Italian Classic Bikes, all Italian brands under one roof, like Aprilia, Benelli, Ducati, Morini, Guzzi, MV, Cagiva
  Car and Classic (GB) Classic Bikes Italian, British, German, Japanese etc. and also including cars
  Le Bon Coin (Fr) This is a French on-line advertisement site. From time to time nice bikes turn up for sale
  Annunci Facile (It) Adverts, bikes
  Moto (It) Bikes, bikes, bikes
  Moto usate, classic Italian Bikes (It) Many Morinis up for sale from private owners
  Portaportese (It) Follow "Rubrice", then "Veicoli" and finally "Moto" and type in Morini. You will find classified ads from a newspaper from Rome
  Ruote Dasogno (It) Beautiful classic bikes and cars
  Zarattini Classic Motor (It) Adverts
  Subito (It) Bikes, cars, mopeds, etc.
  2e hands (NL) Advertisements on a site for 2nd hand goods, incl. Moto Morini
  Alltimers (NL) classic bikes in top shape, incl. Moto Morini (Corsarino mopeds)
  Dutch Lion Motorbikes (NL) many, many veteran motorbikes for sale of all brands, British, German, Italian, American, etc.
  HMI-Moto (NL) HMI-Moto is a motorcycle dealer, specialized in Italian bikes. From time to time they have classic Morinis up for sale
  Yesterdays (NL) classic bikes in top shape, incl. Morini's (from time to time)
  V.M.C. Veteraan Moteren Club (NL) Veteran Motorbikes
  Austin Vintage Cycle (USA) Fantastic Italian classic motorbikes search for Morini, there are always Morini bikes and/or parts offered
  Ebay Germany on the German Ebay site even more bikes/parts on Morini
  Moto Morini, (engine)parts, manuals, decals, LED lights  
  Kirby Rowbotham (GB) supplier of the alternative digital ignition system made by Boyer Bransden
  Used Spares (GB) used Moto Morini spares
  50GP Special Parts (It) Many 'new old stock' (nos) parts for Moto Morini 125-500cc, as well as 125-175cc singles
  B.&B. Meccanica (It) Corsarino 50cc and Corsaro 125/150cc parts (It)
  Cesare Resta (It) manuals ! Order all kinds of service & workshop manuals for classic Italian bikes
  Old Cross (It) Mudguards (fenders) for Italian classic offroad bikes and many parts and repair service for shocks
  Suspensionzana (It) Spare parts for Marzocchi shocks
  Start Gomma (Rubber) (It) Rubber parts for Moto Morini and many other Italian brands
  Silvestro (It) Decals, transfers for old Italian motorcycles, including Moto Morini
  TNK Motors (It) Fork tubes for nearly all models
  Malcolm Anderson (NZ) metal tank and sidepanel badges, CNC made. Also 'Sport' badges for the top yoke
  Transfers & Decals (GB) transfers and decals for European motorcycles
  The King of Piston (It) pistons for Moto Morini 3½, also for Corsarino, and 175cc range, incl. connecting rods
  Vertex Pistons (It) pistons for Moto Morini 3½ & Corsarino (and also Franco Morini 2-stroke engines)
  Supermoto Tecnica on Wössner pistons(It) Process to produce Wössner pistons
  Moto Guzzino (It) vintage Italian motorcycles, parts, decals, rearsets, racing & electrical parts and a lot more. Very useful site!
  Olimpia Parts (It) Lambretta site, but also Moto Morini parts, speedo faces, decals, rubber parts, gasket sets
  HarrieABC (NL) Webshop with everything you need to convert 6V cars/bikes/mopeds to LED without making any changes to the existing wiring
  Jos Pelders (NL) decals, transfers for nearly every make/brand of motorcycle (website also in English)
  THN (NL) this company has more than 3,500,000 piston rings (!!) in stock in 20,000 different sizes and 80 models. Also appr. 4,000 different types of sleeve bearing in stock
  Obsolete Bike Parts (TR) They sell both engine parts and body parts of many motorcycle brands, including complete bikes
  Eurospares (USA) supplier of the alternative ignition system "Lucas Rita" for the V-twin models
  Exhausts (mufflers), downpipes  
  Armours (GB) replacement mufflers (exhausts) for 350 & 500
  Feked (GB) replacement mufflers (exhausts) and downpipes for 350 & 500
  Gazbike (GB) replacement mufflers (exhausts) and downpipes made to measure, also stainless
  Campbell (GB) replacement mufflers (exhausts) and downpipes made to measure, also stainless
  Keihan (GB) stainless replacement mufflers (exhausts)
  Brezzi Randellini (It) replacement mufflers (exhausts) for nearly all Moto Morini models from 1946-1993. Also many complete DellOrto carburettors and other parts, like CEV lights, rims for lights and more
  Sito mufflers (It) replacement mufflers (exhausts) for 350 & 500
  Marino Setti (It) replacement mufflers, (silencers/exhausts) exact copies for Moto Morini and many other Italian and Britsh classic bikes. Also excellent copies of the Lafranconi mufflers (see pictures)taken at Vehikel swap-meet
  Moto Morini in press articles  
  Real Classic (GB) part 1
  Real Classic (GB) part 2
  Real Classic (GB) part 3
  Real Classic (GB) Morini/Ducati/Benelli
  Motorcafe (It)
  Motociclismo (It) type in "moto morini" in the searchbox and press "cerca nel sito"
  Moto Tecnica (It) Super Morini 500
  Classic (Italian) bikes  
  Oldtimer Web (B) Belgian site full of classic bikes, cars, etc. Worth a visit
  Motalia (D) German magazine-like site on classic Italian bikes, incl. Corsarino
  Classic Motorrad (D) many links to classic bikes, including Italian bikes
  Classic Motorrad (D) their links!
  Classic Motorcycle (GB) Classic Motorcycle, incl. good link section
  Real Classic (GB) British magazine with an interesting story on several models
  Vintage Bike (GB) excellent British site on vintage bikes
  Motor Klassiek (NL) Dutch site on classic bikes & classic racing
  Motorfietsweb (NL) Dutch site on classic bikes with a good forum
  Nationaal Veteraan Treffen (NL) National event in the Netherlands for 2 and 3 wheelers
  Oud maar Sterk (NL) touring Club for classic motorcycles, scooters and mopeds
  (Ducati) Desmo (NL) desmo site, but even a factory Morini racer with desmo head
  V-twin Fora & discussion lists  
  Moto Morini mailinglist
Register through this link
Moto Morini international mailinglist, >150 members
  Italobikes (D) German forum on the Corsaro 1200
  Corsaro 1200 Forum (D) German forum on the Corsaro 1200
  Corsa Corta 1200cc Forum (It) Italian forum on the Moto Morini Corsa Corta 1200cc models, supported by the factory! Two technical officials of the factory are members. Automatic translation.
  Motor Forum (NL) Dutch forum on the Corsaro 1200
  Other Dutch clubs (& Ital scooters)  
  Motorclub Web (NL) All Dutch Motorcycle Clubs
  Aermacchi Club (NL) Dutch Aermacchi Club (including Gilera)
  Aprilia Club (NL) Dutch Aprilia Club
  Benelli Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Benelli Club
  Bimota Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Bimota Club
  Ducati Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Ducati Club
  Laverda Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Laverda Club
  Moto Guzzi Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Moto Guzzi Club
  Cagiva Rijders Groep (NL) Cagiva Riders Group
  MV Augusta Owners Club Benelux (NL) MV Augusta Owners Club Benelux (=Belgium/Netherlands/Luxemburg)
  Vespa Scooter Club Nederland (NL) Dutch Vespa Scooter Club
  Classic Racing in the Netherlands  
  Classic Racing Team (CRT) (NL) Classic Racing Team
  Historische Motorsport Vereniging (HMV) (NL) Historische Motorsport Vereniging
  Sites with many motorcycle links  
  Dropbears (Aus) excellent site with links to nearly all motorcycle brands
  Moto Degli anni 60 - 70 (It) many (Italian) bikes from the 1960 and 1970 period
  Motorclubweb (NL) links to most Dutch motorcycling Clubs
  Motorrijden (NL) everything to do with motorcycling (in Dutch)
  Motor Pagina (NL) motorbike (search) portal in Dutch
  Motor Startkabel (NL) motorbike (search) portal in Dutch
  Ital Bikes (NL) Italian Motorbikes search portal
  Classic Bikes (NL) search portal on classic bikes
  Petrol-Head (UK) Nice pictures, bikes, cars, planes, the lot
  De nationale motortoerkalender (NL) Zie de agenda voor toertochten
  Mopeds (Brommers)  
  Moped Links (NL) Mopeds
  Moped Links (NL) Mopeds
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