New member, First morini, 500 W, lots of work to do.

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New member, First morini, 500 W, lots of work to do.

Post by LMY » 19 Nov 2019, 00:04

Hello everyone 👋🙏 thanks for having me here..

So got a morini 500W ? Frame matches engine ( good start) lots unknown about her and bought in pieces.. last owner lost interest after pulling it all apart.. so up to me to put it all back together again.. going to have a lot of questions over time but a few basics I can’t seem to find online if anyone can help 🙏

500W??? Is this North American model? With ⭐️’s ... Can’t figure it out..

How can I determine the year? My thought is that it is later model judging from a few things I’ve read online..

Many people referring to the ‘blue book’ I’m guessing this is the service manual with blue cover? Which I have..

Any other recommended published reading material?

Such basic questions I know. Sorry..

Thank you in advance and look fwd to riding my morini one day in the near future 😀✌️


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Re: New member, First morini, 500 W, lots of work to do.

Post by hombre » 19 Nov 2019, 02:47

Welcome to the club!
500W is not specific for the American Market it's just how they are named. On the crankcase on the front left you'll probably find a 'W'. It's also on the 500 Camels from the Mk II. Do you have a 5- or 6 speed? Sport, or high handlebars?
The 'blue book' is indeed the workshopmanual. A must-have!
Enjoy puzzling it back together! :p

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Re: New member, First morini, 500 W, lots of work to do.

Post by 350-v-twin » 19 Nov 2019, 10:44

Hello LMY, welcome!

In addition to what Hombre already mentioned, have a look at this page about framenumers and letters on the engine: If you have a 5-speed it is built between 1978 and 1981.
Then after, the 500cc got a 6-speed, the model called Sei_V (sei = 6 in Italian).

The complete framenumber stamped on the engine was only done for the British and American export models, as it was/is compulsory in those countries and not in Italy or other EU countries. All bikes however have a letter stamped at the lhs front.
For your information: Italian bikes had rhs gear shift, bikes for the US and German markets were adapted to lhs gear shift.

If you have a framenumber, I can ask a friend for the year. He has got a database.

"Blue book" is the factory workshop manual, which can be found here:
What you do need to complete the puzzle is the parts catalogue.
You can find this on-line at
1) Create an account and log-in
2) Go to "Angolo Tecnico" in the menu
3) Choose "Manuali Moto Morini"
4) Scroll down to "Catalogo parti ricambio 500"

Good luck.

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