Kanguro Valentini front fender

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Kanguro Valentini front fender

Post by ipeco85 » 12 Aug 2019, 11:28

Hello Morinisti!
Just to introduce myself:
I am Peter from Vienna, Austria, and own and drive two tremezzo Tourings built in the early 70s.
Just a few weeks ago I bought a Kanguro Valentini Mehari for fun and restore work.
Unfortunately some plastic parts are broken or missing. So I'm searching for a Valentini front fender or at least the widening part the white one shown in the picture below). The fender seems to be different from the standard one I could buy from a local supplier. But the "original" one would be preferred.
Any help appreciated!

Thank you and best regards

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Re: Kanguro Valentini front fender

Post by 350-v-twin » 12 Aug 2019, 22:57

Hello Peter, welcome to the forum!

(BTW: was in Vienna last year, beautiful city, my favourite, impressive!! :D :D )

Valentini parts are extremely rare North of the Alps. By "accident" I found a Valentini fueltank for my Kanguro X1, but my guess is that it's the only one in the Netherlands. So a Valentini fender, is probably impossible to find in our country. Also the white extender I have never seen.

My tip: go to the Imola market, weekend 6-7-8 September. There you might have a chance, as it is probably the largest market in Europe.
See http://www.crame.it/imola-mostra-scambio.asp

Good luck, please keep us informed if you manage to find Valentini parts!

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